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          1. 山西富森能源科技有限公司 熱線電話:400-6290-888

            Fusen Shanxi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., located in Yuncheng, Shanxi, is a joint-stock company. Fusen focuses on research and development, production, sale and services. Its premises cover 140,000 square meters with a building space of 50,000 square meters. Its registered capital was 50 million yuan. 12% of the staffs in Fusen are senior technical personnel and workers with a bachelor degree or above. Fusen has completed the investment of 110 million yuan out of the projected total investment of 310 million yuan with an annual output of 240,000 tons, valued at 650 million yuan.

              Since its establishment, Fusen has mainly focused on occupational health, environment and quality management. The company already obtained the ISO9001 quality man-agement system certificate, the OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certificate and the ISO14001 environmental certificate. It is currently ……

            Fusen has strategic advantages in resources, technologies and research and development. Resources: to against the industry’s resource crisis and risk, in an associated stake approach, the company esta-blished its own raw material supply and formulation deve-lopment base in Yima Bauxite Base, Henan. Technologies: with the utmost advanced technology in the industry, Fusen applies the AL203 Wet Grinding technology to mix materials. To improve product quality and reduce production costs to increase product competitive strength, it is using the self-supplied gas furnaces and the automatic adjusting combustion technology. R & D: Fusen appreciates R&D as the core inspiration for enterprise development and market competition. Its current ultra-low-density product development has achieved a major breakthrough. By establishing a school-enterprise development partnership with the leading professional team, which specializes in the inorganic non-metallic materials and analytical chemistry, from China Jiliang University, Fusen is striving to build the provincial and national R & D centers in the nearest future. Fusen Shanxi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and its empl-oyees warmly welcome customers and friends at home and abroad to visit the facilities. We are more than happy to offer you our sincere services, and we are well prepared to build our future as partners.

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                Fusen Shanxi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., free service hotline:400-6290-888
                Address:Shanxi Linyi high tech Industrial Park Street No. 448
                Tel:(+86)0359-2331619 Website:m.summersellsvegas.com

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